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Saturday, February 14, 2009


MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition

Music Maker 14 Producer Edition

You have trial version but you can make it full version
Here is the way how to.

First, download Magix Maker 14 Producer Edition trial version HERE then install .
When finished, the program will launch automaticaly, Choose "Continue test phase" and then close the app.

Next Step, download this crack aplication HERE
Now copy the crack file to the installation folder overwriting the original .exe-file.
Restart the app. It will launch in trial mode prompting you to choose from the same options as before.
This time choose "Enter activation code" and then choose "Reactivate". Wait a few secs while files are being installed and voila, you have the full version.

This download is without many of the sounds and effects that come with the programme. However these can be downloaded for free once you have the programme up and running.

Just go into the Music Maker 14 application and then go to the Help menu at the top and scroll down to ‘Download free synthesizer and sound packets . . .‘

This will take you to a web site where there are 4 sound modules. Download the ones you want (preferably all) and then you have literally hundreds of sounds to play with!


Psi 25 Blonde F said...

You are brilliant!!!!! It worked like a charm!

awinn said...

Is Magix Music Maker 15 Premium same as the 14th Producer Edition?

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